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Dress Code & Course Policies

In order to preserve the most consistent and pleasurable round of golf for all our patrons, no matter when they play or practice at our facilities, we have developed the following policies at Wescott Golf Club:

Wescott Golf Club is an alternative spike facility. The use of steel or ceramic spikes is prohibited. The dress code policy is enforced with guests on the property including the driving range and the golf course.

Dress Code - Men

A shirt with a collar is required to use the facilities. A golf shirt that has a turtleneck, mock turtleneck or similar will also be acceptable but is at the discretion of WescottGolf Club. Screen-printed T-Shirts and jogging attire are not permitted. Shorts are permitted but must be hemmed(No cutoffs). Jeans are permitted so long as there are no rips or tears. Golf shoes or sneakers are permitted, however hard soled street shoes or boots are not.

Dress Code - Ladies

Ladies are required to wear shirts with either a collar or sleeves, however screen-printed T-Shirts, halter-tops or jogging attire are not acceptable. Jeans are permittedso long as there are no rips or tears. Shorts are permitted but must be hemmed. Skirts or skorts are also permitted. Golf shoes or sneakers are permitted, however hard soled street shoes or boots are not.

Dress Code – Guests under the age of 12

Shirts with collars are not required, however screen-printed T-Shirts or jogging attire are not acceptable. Jeans are permitted. Shorts are permitted but must be hemmed. Golf shoes or sneakers are permitted, however hard soled street shoes or boots are not.

Improperly dressed golfers will be asked to change before being allowed to play or practice. The Golf Staff reserves the right to make final decisions on compliance with the dress code policy.

Pace of Play

It should be the goal of all players playing Wescott Golf Club to complete their round in less than four hours and fifteen minutes. It is each group's responsibility to be observant of its position on the course and keep pace. Please play ready golf for the enjoyment of all golfers. Player Assistants and the Golf Staff have full authority to maintain the rules and speed of play for everyone's enjoyment.

Senior Rates

Senior rates apply to all those 60 and over, these rates are valid Monday through Fridayand for 18 holes only. Senior Rate always includes a cart. Senior Rates are not valid on Holidays or Weekends.

Junior Play Policy

The junior rate is valid Monday-Friday anytime and after 12:00pm Saturday and Sunday.
Juniors, 16 years or older, who wish to play with a cart must present valid driver's license to the golf shop attendant.

Free Golf on your Birthday

Must be registered through the E-club and present a valid ID and the offer is valid within a week of your Birthday only. Cart Fee of $18.00 not included.

Standard Tee Times

Call or book online up to 14 days in advance for tee times. There is a 24-hour cancellation/modification notice required with all standard reservations.

Groups and Tournament Reservations

Reservations for groups of 9 or more players can be made more than two weeks in advance, but will require a valid credit card to hold the tee times.

Tournament reservations for groups of 28 players or more can be made more than two weeks in advance and require a signed contract and deposit. For more information please visit our Tournament page.

Rental Clubs

Did you leave your clubs behind? No worries, we have the latest CLeveland Equipmet for rent. Cleveland Rental Clubs are available upon request at a rate of $40.00 including tax. Valid ID and Credit Card required for rental.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that your group cannot make a scheduled tee time, you must notify the golf course at least 24 hours in advance.


The twilight rate is all you can play up to 18 holes or dusk whichever come first. Twilight rates are discounted due to the fact that you may not be able to get in all 18 holes. Rain checks are NOT available under the twilight rate.

Replay Policy

Replay rounds are included in the regular rate.When playing under a discounted rate, replays are available at a reduced rate. You cannot book a tee time for a replay rate. After the completion of your first round, check in with the golf shop and we can let you know when we can work you in for your replay round.

Rain check Policy

Wescott Golf Club will prorate rain checks based on number of holes completed.
The % of rain check will be based off the pretax golf fees.
Rain checks will be issued for applicable golf fees and rental club fees.
Rain checks will be issued for inclement weather only. (Rain, lightning, etc.) Rain checks will not be issued due to darkness. Rain checks will expire one year from issuance.
Our Rain checks are not for 9 holes, they are issued for a dollar amount based on the fee paid that day and how many holes you were able to play. The dollar amount printed on your rain check can be redeemed the next time you come out to play or hit range balls. There are NO refunds or credits.

Golf Cart Usage

Each operator of a golf cart must have a valid driver's license. Cart path only around all tees and greens. Cart path only on all par 3's. The starter will give special daily cart restrictions. Please observe cart directional signage. Only 2 bags and 2 riders per cart. Each golfer must have their own clubs. If you need clubs, we do offer club rentals. Players must sign golf rental agreement and are responsible for any and all damages done to golf carts.

Non-Golfer/Spectators Carts

A cart fee is required for non-golfers/spectators when accompanying a group. 

Food & Beverage

South Carolina state law mandates no alcoholic beverages may be brought onto a licensed account, therefore, no carry on beverages or coolers are permitted. Only food and beverages purchased at the facility may be taken onto the golf course. All alcohol purchased at the facility must remain at the facility.

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